enum Pango::Direction


PangoDirection represents a direction in the Unicode bidirectional algorithm.

Not every value in this enumeration makes sense for every usage of PangoDirection; for example, the return value of #unichar_direction and #find_base_dir cannot be PANGO_DIRECTION_WEAK_LTR or PANGO_DIRECTION_WEAK_RTL, since every character is either neutral or has a strong direction; on the other hand PANGO_DIRECTION_NEUTRAL doesn't make sense to pass to #itemize_with_base_dir.

The PANGO_DIRECTION_TTB_LTR, PANGO_DIRECTION_TTB_RTL values come from an earlier interpretation of this enumeration as the writing direction of a block of text and are no longer used. See PangoGravity for how vertical text is handled in Pango.

If you are interested in text direction, you should really use fribidi directly. PangoDirection is only retained because it is used in some public apis.

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Enum Members

Ltr = 0_u32

A strong left-to-right direction

Rtl = 1_u32

A strong right-to-left direction

TtbLtr = 2_u32

Deprecated value; treated the same as PANGO_DIRECTION_RTL.

TtbRtl = 3_u32

Deprecated value; treated the same as PANGO_DIRECTION_LTR

WeakLtr = 4_u32

A weak left-to-right direction

WeakRtl = 5_u32

A weak right-to-left direction

Neutral = 6_u32

No direction specified

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def ltr? #

def neutral? #

def rtl? #

def ttb_ltr? #

def ttb_rtl? #

def weak_ltr? #

def weak_rtl? #