class Gio::SrvTarget


SRV (service) records are used by some network protocols to provide service-specific aliasing and load-balancing. For example, XMPP (Jabber) uses SRV records to locate the XMPP server for a domain; rather than connecting directly to "" or assuming a specific server hostname like "", an XMPP client would look up the "xmpp-client" SRV record for "", and then connect to whatever host was pointed to by that record.

You can use g_resolver_lookup_service() or g_resolver_lookup_service_async() to find the #GSrvTargets for a given service. However, if you are simply planning to connect to the remote service, you can use #GNetworkService's #GSocketConnectable interface and not need to worry about #GSrvTarget at all.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : String, port : UInt16, priority : UInt16, weight : UInt16) : self #

def : Pointer(Void), transfer : GICrystal::Transfer) #

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def copy : Gio::SrvTarget #

def finalize #

def free : Nil #

def hostname : String #

def port : UInt16 #

def priority : UInt16 #

def to_unsafe : Pointer(Void) #

def weight : UInt16 #