enum Adw::Easing


Describes the available easing functions for use with #TimedAnimation.

New values may be added to this enumeration over time.

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Enum Members

Linear = 0_u32

Linear tweening.

EaseInQuad = 1_u32

Quadratic tweening.

EaseOutQuad = 2_u32

Quadratic tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_QUAD.

EaseInOutQuad = 3_u32

Quadratic tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_QUAD and ADW_EASE_OUT_QUAD.

EaseInCubic = 4_u32

Cubic tweening.

EaseOutCubic = 5_u32

Cubic tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_CUBIC.

EaseInOutCubic = 6_u32

Cubic tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_CUBIC and ADW_EASE_OUT_CUBIC.

EaseInQuart = 7_u32

Quartic tweening.

EaseOutQuart = 8_u32

Quartic tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_QUART.

EaseInOutQuart = 9_u32

Quartic tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_QUART and ADW_EASE_OUT_QUART.

EaseInQuint = 10_u32

Quintic tweening.

EaseOutQuint = 11_u32

Quintic tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_QUINT.

EaseInOutQuint = 12_u32

Quintic tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_QUINT and ADW_EASE_OUT_QUINT.

EaseInSine = 13_u32

Sine wave tweening.

EaseOutSine = 14_u32

Sine wave tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_SINE.

EaseInOutSine = 15_u32

Sine wave tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_SINE and ADW_EASE_OUT_SINE.

EaseInExpo = 16_u32

Exponential tweening.

EaseOutExpo = 17_u32

Exponential tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_EXPO.

EaseInOutExpo = 18_u32

Exponential tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_EXPO and ADW_EASE_OUT_EXPO.

EaseInCirc = 19_u32

Circular tweening.

EaseOutCirc = 20_u32

Circular tweening, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_CIRC.

EaseInOutCirc = 21_u32

Circular tweening, combining ADW_EASE_IN_CIRC and ADW_EASE_OUT_CIRC.

EaseInElastic = 22_u32

Elastic tweening, with offshoot on start.

EaseOutElastic = 23_u32

Elastic tweening, with offshoot on end, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_ELASTIC.

EaseInOutElastic = 24_u32

Elastic tweening, with offshoot on both ends, combining ADW_EASE_IN_ELASTIC and ADW_EASE_OUT_ELASTIC.

EaseInBack = 25_u32

Overshooting cubic tweening, with backtracking on start.

EaseOutBack = 26_u32

Overshooting cubic tweening, with backtracking on end, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_BACK.

EaseInOutBack = 27_u32

Overshooting cubic tweening, with backtracking on both ends, combining ADW_EASE_IN_BACK and ADW_EASE_OUT_BACK.

EaseInBounce = 28_u32

Exponentially decaying parabolic (bounce) tweening, on start.

EaseOutBounce = 29_u32

Exponentially decaying parabolic (bounce) tweening, with bounce on end, inverse of ADW_EASE_IN_BOUNCE.

EaseInOutBounce = 30_u32

Exponentially decaying parabolic (bounce) tweening, with bounce on both ends, combining ADW_EASE_IN_BOUNCE and ADW_EASE_OUT_BOUNCE.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

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g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def ease_in_back? #

def ease_in_bounce? #

def ease_in_circ? #

def ease_in_cubic? #

def ease_in_elastic? #

def ease_in_expo? #

def ease_in_out_back? #

def ease_in_out_bounce? #

def ease_in_out_circ? #

def ease_in_out_cubic? #

def ease_in_out_elastic? #

def ease_in_out_expo? #

def ease_in_out_quad? #

def ease_in_out_quart? #

def ease_in_out_quint? #

def ease_in_out_sine? #

def ease_in_quad? #

def ease_in_quart? #

def ease_in_quint? #

def ease_in_sine? #

def ease_out_back? #

def ease_out_bounce? #

def ease_out_circ? #

def ease_out_cubic? #

def ease_out_elastic? #

def ease_out_expo? #

def ease_out_quad? #

def ease_out_quart? #

def ease_out_quint? #

def ease_out_sine? #

def linear? #