enum HarfBuzz::StyleTagT


Defined by OpenType Design-Variation Axis Tag Registry.

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Enum Members

Italic = 1769234796_u32

Used to vary between non-italic and italic. A value of 0 can be interpreted as "Roman" (non-italic); a value of 1 can be interpreted as (fully) italic.

OpticalSize = 1869640570_u32

Used to vary design to suit different text sizes. Non-zero. Values can be interpreted as text size, in points.

SlantAngle = 1936486004_u32

Used to vary between upright and slanted text. Values must be greater than -90 and less than +90. Values can be interpreted as the angle, in counter-clockwise degrees, of oblique slant from whatever the designer considers to be upright for that font design. Typical right-leaning Italic fonts have a negative slant angle (typically around -12)

SlantRatio = 1399615092_u32

same as @HB_STYLE_TAG_SLANT_ANGLE expression as ratio. Typical right-leaning Italic fonts have a positive slant ratio (typically around 0.2)

Width = 2003072104_u32

Used to vary width of text from narrower to wider. Non-zero. Values can be interpreted as a percentage of whatever the font designer considers “normal width” for that font design.

Weight = 2003265652_u32

Used to vary stroke thicknesses or other design details to give variation from lighter to blacker. Values can be interpreted in direct comparison to values for usWeightClass in the OS/2 table, or the CSS font-weight property.

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g_type : UInt64 g_type

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def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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def italic? #

def optical_size? #

def slant_angle? #

def slant_ratio? #

def weight? #

def width? #