struct Gtk::Sorter::ChangedSignal


Emitted whenever the sorter changed.

Users of the sorter should then update the sort order again via gtk_sorter_compare().

Gtk#SortListModel handles this signal automatically.

Depending on the @change parameter, it may be possible to update the sort order without a full resorting. Refer to the Gtk#SorterChange documentation for details.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def, detail = nil) #

Instance Method Detail

def [](detail : String) : self #

def connect(&block : Proc(Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::Sorter, Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def connect_after(&block : Proc(Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(Gtk::Sorter, Gtk::SorterChange, Nil)) #

def emit(change : Gtk::SorterChange) : Nil #

def name #