enum HarfBuzz::OtMetricsTagT


Metric tags corresponding to MVAR Value Tags

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Enum Members

HorizontalAscender = 1751216995_u32

horizontal ascender.

HorizontalDescender = 1751413603_u32

horizontal descender.

HorizontalLineGap = 1751934832_u32

horizontal line gap.

HorizontalClippingAscent = 1751346273_u32

horizontal clipping ascent.

HorizontalClippingDescent = 1751346276_u32

horizontal clipping descent.

VerticalAscender = 1986098019_u32

vertical ascender.

VerticalDescender = 1986294627_u32

vertical descender.

VerticalLineGap = 1986815856_u32

vertical line gap.

HorizontalCaretRise = 1751347827_u32

horizontal caret rise.

HorizontalCaretRun = 1751347822_u32

horizontal caret run.

HorizontalCaretOffset = 1751347046_u32

horizontal caret offset.

VerticalCaretRise = 1986228851_u32

vertical caret rise.

VerticalCaretRun = 1986228846_u32

vertical caret run.

VerticalCaretOffset = 1986228070_u32

vertical caret offset.

XHeight = 2020108148_u32

x height.

CapHeight = 1668311156_u32

cap height.

SubscriptEmXSize = 1935833203_u32

subscript em x size.

SubscriptEmYSize = 1935833459_u32

subscript em y size.

SubscriptEmXOffset = 1935833199_u32

subscript em x offset.

SubscriptEmYOffset = 1935833455_u32

subscript em y offset.

SuperscriptEmXSize = 1936750707_u32

superscript em x size.

SuperscriptEmYSize = 1936750963_u32

superscript em y size.

SuperscriptEmXOffset = 1936750703_u32

superscript em x offset.

SuperscriptEmYOffset = 1936750959_u32

superscript em y offset.

StrikeoutSize = 1937011315_u32

strikeout size.

StrikeoutOffset = 1937011311_u32

strikeout offset.

UnderlineSize = 1970168947_u32

underline size.

UnderlineOffset = 1970168943_u32

underline offset.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def cap_height? #

def horizontal_ascender? #

def horizontal_caret_offset? #

def horizontal_caret_rise? #

def horizontal_caret_run? #

def horizontal_clipping_ascent? #

def horizontal_clipping_descent? #

def horizontal_descender? #

def horizontal_line_gap? #

def strikeout_offset? #

def strikeout_size? #

def subscript_em_x_offset? #

def subscript_em_x_size? #

def subscript_em_y_offset? #

def subscript_em_y_size? #

def superscript_em_x_offset? #

def superscript_em_x_size? #

def superscript_em_y_offset? #

def superscript_em_y_size? #

def underline_offset? #

def underline_size? #

def vertical_ascender? #

def vertical_caret_offset? #

def vertical_caret_rise? #

def vertical_caret_run? #

def vertical_descender? #

def vertical_line_gap? #

def x_height? #