enum GLib::UnicodeBreakType


These are the possible line break classifications.

Since new unicode versions may add new types here, applications should be ready to handle unknown values. They may be regarded as %G_UNICODE_BREAK_UNKNOWN.

See Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm.

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Enum Members

Mandatory = 0_u32

Mandatory Break (BK)

CarriageReturn = 1_u32

Carriage Return (CR)

LineFeed = 2_u32

Line Feed (LF)

CombiningMark = 3_u32

Attached Characters and Combining Marks (CM)

Surrogate = 4_u32

Surrogates (SG)

ZeroWidthSpace = 5_u32

Zero Width Space (ZW)

Inseparable = 6_u32

Inseparable (IN)

NonBreakingGlue = 7_u32

Non-breaking ("Glue") (GL)

Contingent = 8_u32

Contingent Break Opportunity (CB)

Space = 9_u32

Space (SP)

After = 10_u32

Break Opportunity After (BA)

Before = 11_u32

Break Opportunity Before (BB)

BeforeAndAfter = 12_u32

Break Opportunity Before and After (B2)

Hyphen = 13_u32

Hyphen (HY)

NonStarter = 14_u32

Nonstarter (NS)

OpenPunctuation = 15_u32

Opening Punctuation (OP)

ClosePunctuation = 16_u32

Closing Punctuation (CL)

Quotation = 17_u32

Ambiguous Quotation (QU)

Exclamation = 18_u32

Exclamation/Interrogation (EX)

Ideographic = 19_u32

Ideographic (ID)

Numeric = 20_u32

Numeric (NU)

InfixSeparator = 21_u32

Infix Separator (Numeric) (IS)

Symbol = 22_u32

Symbols Allowing Break After (SY)

Alphabetic = 23_u32

Ordinary Alphabetic and Symbol Characters (AL)

Prefix = 24_u32

Prefix (Numeric) (PR)

Postfix = 25_u32

Postfix (Numeric) (PO)

ComplexContext = 26_u32

Complex Content Dependent (South East Asian) (SA)

Ambiguous = 27_u32

Ambiguous (Alphabetic or Ideographic) (AI)

Unknown = 28_u32

Unknown (XX)

NextLine = 29_u32

Next Line (NL)

WordJoiner = 30_u32

Word Joiner (WJ)

HangulLJamo = 31_u32

Hangul L Jamo (JL)

HangulVJamo = 32_u32

Hangul V Jamo (JV)

HangulTJamo = 33_u32

Hangul T Jamo (JT)

HangulLvSyllable = 34_u32

Hangul LV Syllable (H2)

HangulLvtSyllable = 35_u32

Hangul LVT Syllable (H3)

CloseParanthesis = 36_u32

Closing Parenthesis (CP). Since 2.28. Deprecated: 2.70: Use %G_UNICODE_BREAK_CLOSE_PARENTHESIS instead.

CloseParenthesis = 36_u32

Closing Parenthesis (CP). Since 2.70

ConditionalJapaneseStarter = 37_u32

Conditional Japanese Starter (CJ). Since: 2.32

HebrewLetter = 38_u32

Hebrew Letter (HL). Since: 2.32

RegionalIndicator = 39_u32

Regional Indicator (RI). Since: 2.36

EmojiBase = 40_u32

Emoji Base (EB). Since: 2.50

EmojiModifier = 41_u32

Emoji Modifier (EM). Since: 2.50

ZeroWidthJoiner = 42_u32

Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ). Since: 2.50

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Instance Method Detail

def after? #

def alphabetic? #

def ambiguous? #

def before? #

def before_and_after? #

def carriage_return? #

def close_paranthesis? #

def close_parenthesis? #

def close_punctuation? #

def combining_mark? #

def complex_context? #

def conditional_japanese_starter? #

def contingent? #

def emoji_base? #

def emoji_modifier? #

def exclamation? #

def hangul_l_jamo? #

def hangul_lv_syllable? #

def hangul_lvt_syllable? #

def hangul_t_jamo? #

def hangul_v_jamo? #

def hebrew_letter? #

def hyphen? #

def ideographic? #

def infix_separator? #

def inseparable? #

def line_feed? #

def mandatory? #

def next_line? #

def non_breaking_glue? #

def non_starter? #

def numeric? #

def open_punctuation? #

def postfix? #

def prefix? #

def quotation? #

def regional_indicator? #

def space? #

def surrogate? #

def symbol? #

def unknown? #

def word_joiner? #

def zero_width_joiner? #

def zero_width_space? #