class Gio::AppLaunchContext


Integrating the launch with the launching application. This is used to handle for instance startup notification and launching the new application on the same screen as the launching window.

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bind_property(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags) : GObject::Binding bind_property, bind_property_full(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags, transform_to : GObject::Closure, transform_from : GObject::Closure) : GObject::Binding bind_property_full, data(key : String) : Pointer(Void)? data, finalize finalize, freeze_notify : Nil freeze_notify, getv(names : Enumerable(String), values : Enumerable(_)) : Nil getv, notify(property_name : String) : Nil notify, notify_by_pspec(pspec : GObject::ParamSpec) : Nil notify_by_pspec, notify_signal notify_signal, property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil property, qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? qdata, ref_count : UInt32 ref_count, run_dispose : Nil run_dispose, set_data(key : String, data : Pointer(Void)?) : Nil set_data, set_property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil set_property, steal_data(key : String) : Pointer(Void)? steal_data, steal_qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? steal_qdata, thaw_notify : Nil thaw_notify, to_unsafe : Pointer(Void) to_unsafe, watch_closure(closure : GObject::Closure) : Nil watch_closure

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cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self cast, cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self? cast?, new(pointer : Pointer(Void), transfer : GICrystal::Transfer)
, newv(object_type : UInt64, parameters : Enumerable(GObject::Parameter)) : self newv

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compat_control(what : UInt64, data : Pointer(Void)?) : UInt64 compat_control, g_type : UInt64 g_type, interface_find_property(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface, property_name : String) : GObject::ParamSpec interface_find_property, interface_list_properties(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface) : Enumerable(GObject::ParamSpec) interface_list_properties

Constructor Detail

def : self #

Creates a new application launch context. This is not normally used, instead you instantiate a subclass of this, such as #Gdk::AppLaunchContext.

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def display(info : Gio::AppInfo, files : GLib::List) : String? #

Gets the display string for the @context. This is used to ensure new applications are started on the same display as the launching application, by setting the DISPLAY environment variable.

def environment : Enumerable(String) #

Gets the complete environment variable list to be passed to the child process when @context is used to launch an application. This is a nil-terminated array of strings, where each string has the form KEY=VALUE.

def launch_failed(startup_notify_id : String) : Nil #

Called when an application has failed to launch, so that it can cancel the application startup notification started in g_app_launch_context_get_startup_notify_id().

def launch_failed_signal #

def launch_started_signal #

def launched_signal #

def setenv(variable : String, value : String) : Nil #

Arranges for @variable to be set to @value in the child's environment when @context is used to launch an application.

def startup_notify_id(info : Gio::AppInfo, files : GLib::List) : String? #

Initiates startup notification for the application and returns the DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID for the launched operation, if supported.

Startup notification IDs are defined in the FreeDesktop.Org Startup Notifications standard.

def unsetenv(variable : String) : Nil #

Arranges for @variable to be unset in the child's environment when @context is used to launch an application.