enum Gtk::AccessibleRole


The accessible role for a #Accessible implementation.

Abstract roles are only used as part of the ontology; application developers must not use abstract roles in their code.

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Enum Members

Alert = 0_u32

An element with important, and usually time-sensitive, information

AlertDialog = 1_u32

A type of dialog that contains an alert message


Button = 3_u32

An input element that allows for user-triggered actions when clicked or pressed

Caption = 4_u32


Cell = 5_u32


Checkbox = 6_u32

A checkable input element that has three possible values: true, false, or mixed

ColumnHeader = 7_u32

A header in a columned list.

ComboBox = 8_u32

An input that controls another element, such as a list or a grid, that can dynamically pop up to help the user set the value of the input

Command = 9_u32

Abstract role.

Composite = 10_u32

Abstract role.

Dialog = 11_u32

A dialog is a window that is designed to interrupt the current processing of an application in order to prompt the user to enter information or require a response.

Document = 12_u32


Feed = 13_u32


Form = 14_u32


Generic = 15_u32


Grid = 16_u32

A grid of items.

GridCell = 17_u32

An item in a grid or tree grid.

Group = 18_u32

An element that groups multiple widgets. GTK uses this role for various containers, like #Box, #Viewport, and #HeaderBar.

Heading = 19_u32


Img = 20_u32

An image.

Input = 21_u32

Abstract role.

Label = 22_u32

A visible name or caption for a user interface component.

Landmark = 23_u32

Abstract role.

Legend = 24_u32


Link = 25_u32

A clickable link.

List = 26_u32

A list of items.

ListBox = 27_u32


ListItem = 28_u32

An item in a list.

Log = 29_u32


Main = 30_u32


Marquee = 31_u32


Math = 32_u32


Meter = 33_u32

An element that represents a value within a known range.

Menu = 34_u32

A menu.

MenuBar = 35_u32

A menubar.

MenuItem = 36_u32

An item in a menu.

MenuItemCheckbox = 37_u32

A check item in a menu.

MenuItemRadio = 38_u32

A radio item in a menu.

Navigation = 39_u32


None = 40_u32

An element that is not represented to accessibility technologies.

Note = 41_u32


Option = 42_u32


Presentation = 43_u32

An element that is not represented to accessibility technologies.

ProgressBar = 44_u32

An element that displays the progress status for tasks that take a long time.

Radio = 45_u32

A checkable input in a group of radio roles, only one of which can be checked at a time.

RadioGroup = 46_u32


Range = 47_u32

Abstract role.

Region = 48_u32


Row = 49_u32

A row in a columned list.

RowGroup = 50_u32


RowHeader = 51_u32


Scrollbar = 52_u32

A graphical object that controls the scrolling of content within a viewing area, regardless of whether the content is fully displayed within the viewing area.

Search = 53_u32


SearchBox = 54_u32

A type of textbox intended for specifying search criteria.

Section = 55_u32

Abstract role.

SectionHead = 56_u32

Abstract role.

Select = 57_u32

Abstract role.

Separator = 58_u32

A divider that separates and distinguishes sections of content or groups of menuitems.

Slider = 59_u32

A user input where the user selects a value from within a given range.

SpinButton = 60_u32

A form of range that expects the user to select from among discrete choices.

Status = 61_u32


Structure = 62_u32

Abstract role.

Switch = 63_u32

A type of checkbox that represents on/off values, as opposed to checked/unchecked values.

Tab = 64_u32

An item in a list of tab used for switching pages.

Table = 65_u32


TabList = 66_u32

A list of tabs for switching pages.

TabPanel = 67_u32

A page in a notebook or stack.

TextBox = 68_u32

A type of input that allows free-form text as its value.

Time = 69_u32


Timer = 70_u32


Toolbar = 71_u32


Tooltip = 72_u32


Tree = 73_u32


TreeGrid = 74_u32

A treeview-like, columned list.

TreeItem = 75_u32


Widget = 76_u32

An interactive component of a graphical user interface. This is the role that GTK uses by default for widgets.

Window = 77_u32

An application window.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def alert? #

def alert_dialog? #

def banner? #

def button? #

def caption? #

def cell? #

def checkbox? #

def column_header? #

def combo_box? #

def command? #

def composite? #

def dialog? #

def document? #

def feed? #

def form? #

def generic? #

def grid? #

def grid_cell? #

def group? #

def heading? #

def img? #

def input? #

def label? #

def landmark? #

def legend? #

def link? #

def list? #

def list_box? #

def list_item? #

def log? #

def main? #

def marquee? #

def math? #

def menu? #

def menu_bar? #

def menu_item? #

def menu_item_checkbox? #

def menu_item_radio? #

def meter? #

def navigation? #

def none? #

def note? #

def option? #

def presentation? #

def progress_bar? #

def radio? #

def radio_group? #

def range? #

def region? #

def row? #

def row_group? #

def row_header? #

def scrollbar? #

def search? #

def search_box? #

def section? #

def section_head? #

def select? #

def separator? #

def slider? #

def spin_button? #

def status? #

def structure? #

def switch? #

def tab? #

def tab_list? #

def tab_panel? #

def table? #

def text_box? #

def time? #

def timer? #

def toolbar? #

def tooltip? #

def tree? #

def tree_grid? #

def tree_item? #

def widget? #

def window? #