struct Gtk::Text::PreeditChangedSignal


Emitted when the preedit text changes.

If an input method is used, the typed text will not immediately be committed to the buffer. So if you are interested in the text, connect to this signal.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def, detail = nil) #

Instance Method Detail

def [](detail : String) : self #

def connect(&block : Proc(String, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(String, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::Text, String, Nil)) #

def connect_after(&block : Proc(String, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(String, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(Gtk::Text, String, Nil)) #

def emit(preedit : String) : Nil #

def name #