struct Gio::SocketClient::EventSignal


Emitted when @client's activity on @connectable changes state. Among other things, this can be used to provide progress information about a network connection in the UI. The meanings of the different @event values are as follows:

Each event except %G_SOCKET_CLIENT_COMPLETE may be emitted multiple times (or not at all) for a given connectable (in particular, if @client ends up attempting to connect to more than one address). However, if @client emits the #GSocketClient::event signal at all for a given connectable, then it will always emit it with %G_SOCKET_CLIENT_COMPLETE when it is done.

Note that there may be additional #GSocketClientEvent values in the future; unrecognized @event values should be ignored.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from struct GObject::Signal

[](detail : String) : self [], name : String name

Constructor methods inherited from struct GObject::Signal

new(source : GObject::Object, detail : String? = nil) new

Instance Method Detail

def connect(*, after : Bool = false, &block : Proc(Gio::SocketClientEvent, Gio::SocketConnectable, Gio::IOStream?, Nil)) : GObject::SignalConnection #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gio::SocketClientEvent, Gio::SocketConnectable, Gio::IOStream?, Nil), *, after : Bool = false) : GObject::SignalConnection #

def emit(event : Gio::SocketClientEvent, connectable : Gio::SocketConnectable, connection : Gio::IOStream?) : Nil #

def name : String #
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The signal name