class Gtk::BookmarkList


GtkBookmarkList is a list model that wraps GBookmarkFile.

It presents a GListModel and fills it asynchronously with the GFileInfos returned from that function.

The GFileInfos in the list have some attributes in the recent namespace added: recent::private (boolean) and recent:applications (stringv).

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from module Gio::ListModel

item(position : UInt32) : GObject::Object? item, item_type : UInt64 item_type, items_changed(position : UInt32, removed : UInt32, added : UInt32) : Nil items_changed, items_changed_signal items_changed_signal, n_items : UInt32 n_items, to_unsafe to_unsafe

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bind_property(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags) : GObject::Binding bind_property, bind_property_full(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags, transform_to : GObject::Closure, transform_from : GObject::Closure) : GObject::Binding bind_property_full, data(key : String) : Pointer(Void)? data, finalize finalize, freeze_notify : Nil freeze_notify, getv(names : Enumerable(String), values : Enumerable(_)) : Nil getv, notify(property_name : String) : Nil notify, notify_by_pspec(pspec : GObject::ParamSpec) : Nil notify_by_pspec, notify_signal notify_signal, property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil property, qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? qdata, ref_count ref_count, run_dispose : Nil run_dispose, set_data(key : String, data : Pointer(Void)?) : Nil set_data, set_property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil set_property, steal_data(key : String) : Pointer(Void)? steal_data, steal_qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? steal_qdata, thaw_notify : Nil thaw_notify, to_unsafe : Pointer(Void) to_unsafe, watch_closure(closure : GObject::Closure) : Nil watch_closure

Constructor methods inherited from class GObject::Object

cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self cast, cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self? cast?, new new, newv(object_type : UInt64, parameters : Enumerable(GObject::Parameter)) : self newv

Class methods inherited from class GObject::Object

compat_control(what : UInt64, data : Pointer(Void)?) : UInt64 compat_control, g_type : UInt64 g_type, interface_find_property(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface, property_name : String) : GObject::ParamSpec interface_find_property, interface_list_properties(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface) : Enumerable(GObject::ParamSpec) interface_list_properties

Constructor Detail

def : String?, attributes : String?) #

Creates a new GtkBookmarkList with the given @attributes.

def #

Initialize a new BookmarkList.

def*, attributes : String? = nil, filename : String? = nil, io_priority : Int32? = nil, loading : Bool? = nil) #

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

Instance Method Detail

def attributes : String? #

Gets the attributes queried on the children.

def attributes=(value : String) : String #

def attributes=(attributes : String?) : Nil #

Sets the @attributes to be enumerated and starts the enumeration.

If @attributes is %NULL, no attributes will be queried, but a list of GFileInfos will still be created.

def filename : Path #

Returns the filename of the bookmark file that this list is loading.

def filename=(value : String) : String #

def io_priority : Int32 #

Gets the IO priority to use while loading file.

def io_priority=(io_priority : Int32) : Nil #

Sets the IO priority to use while loading files.

The default IO priority is %G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT.

def is_loading : Bool #

Returns %TRUE if the files are currently being loaded.

Files will be added to @self from time to time while loading is going on. The order in which are added is undefined and may change in between runs.

def loading? : Bool #