struct Gtk::TextTagTable::TagRemovedSignal


Emitted every time a tag is removed from the GtkTextTagTable.

The @tag is still valid by the time the signal is emitted, but it is not associated with a tag table any more.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def, detail = nil) #

Instance Method Detail

def [](detail : String) : self #

def connect(&block : Proc(Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::TextTagTable, Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def connect_after(&block : Proc(Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def connect_after(handler : Proc(Gtk::TextTagTable, Gtk::TextTag, Nil)) #

def emit(tag : Gtk::TextTag) : Nil #

def name #