class GObject::ParamSpecFloat


A #GParamSpec derived structure that contains the meta data for float properties.

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Class Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class GObject::ParamSpec

blurb : String? blurb, default_value : GObject::Value default_value, finalize finalize, name : String name, name_quark : UInt32 name_quark, nick : String nick, qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? qdata, redirect_target : GObject::ParamSpec? redirect_target, ref_count ref_count, set_qdata(quark : UInt32, data : Pointer(Void)?) : Nil set_qdata, sink : Nil sink, steal_qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void)? steal_qdata, to_unsafe : Pointer(Void) to_unsafe

Constructor methods inherited from class GObject::ParamSpec

cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self cast, cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self? cast?, new new

Class methods inherited from class GObject::ParamSpec

g_type : UInt64 g_type, is_valid_name(name : String) : Bool is_valid_name

Constructor Detail

def #

Initialize a new ParamSpecFloat.

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.